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Microwave Repair

Bakersfield Microwave Repair
Trust Your Microwave to Our Experienced Technician 

Everyone in Bakersfield knows the convenience of having a microwave oven, and for some, it’s an absolute must-have. The instant heating aspect of the microwave is incredibly appealing and potentially crucial to surviving in this fast-paced world. Moreover, a faulty microwave can be highly unsafe. For these reasons, Quality Appliance Repair Services is dedicated to keeping your microwave maintained and running correctly. Our microwave over repair service is rapid, reliable, and intent on meeting all of your needs!

Common Microwave Problems

  • Your microwave oven is not heating at all.
  • Microwave oven is partially heating food.
  • The touch-pad will not respond.
  • The unit is sparking.

Microwave Maintenance Tips

  • Keep the interior as clean possible to prolong the life of your appliance.
  • To remove stubborn grime: heat up a bowl of water and lemon juice for 2 minuets, this will help to loosen the grime.
  • Do not place any metal objects in your microwave and inform your children of the danger in doing so.
  • Always make sure any containers used to heat-up food are “microwavable”. This includes “left-over bags” from restaurants or frozen foods.